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Weil der letzte Post fast n bisschen zu hart für nen entspannten Sonntag war, gibts gleich noch was schönes hinterher. Dieses als Mixtape getarnte Album dreht schon seit knapp zwei Wochen seine Runden durch die Blogwelt. Alabamas OG Gmane und Superherodeejay Burn One haben das Teil umsonst im Netz verteilt und so freundlich das von denen ist, so unsinnig ist es auch irgendwie. Alle Songs sind original Songs mit original Beats (die alle auch original DOPE sind ) in original Studio/Album Qualität. Mit Abstand das beste Country Rap Tunes Album des Jahres !

Der Download Link ist bei Limelinx ungefähr auf Mitte der Seite und recht klein geschrieben.

DJ Burn One presents Gmane – Sunday On Da Porch

Codie G aka Mr. Huntsville :

“It had to be about 96 or 97 when I was up on the yard going to Alabama A&M University. There was an urban clothing store that sat off in the cut over by G’s Country Kitchen, behind the old Top Line tires where CVS is now located. I was going to cop some new DADA Supreme shirts and some Delinquents shirts. I think the guy that was running the store was from Jersey. You could get all the good reading material like Niggas to Gods, the Willie Lynch Speech, and Soul on Ice by Eldredge Cleaver. I’m talking about a black man’s heaven here. I go to the counter to purchase my vintage North side survival kit of aforementioned items when the Slave Kamp cd jumped out at me. It read “Alabama’s Most controversial Rap Group”. So it too was added to my group of purchases. I heard tales of the southern backwoods that didn’t seem like the normal rap coming out at that time. It was more country, more basement than a wine cellar, but all the time it was Alabama Hip Hop. My potna G-Mane was part of that group. To see him still putting it down for the Flo is remarkable. Florence is somewhat of a ghost town from what it was a decade ago. You had police operations like “Copy Cat” that took almost 100 people from a neighborhood to state pens; helicopters and special ops repelling into the neighborhood, and national guard troops patrolling the streets. Crack was a commodity and the hustlers weren’t scared to move it. You had the murder of Chris Stanback that went unsolved and tore a community apart. The West Side and East Side lost businesses, so now a drive down Mobile Street is accompanied by the sounds of the souls which once made the street vibrant and the heart of the culture. I have sat in on some of the sessions for this project and I’m proud to have the access I have acquired to see this project come together. Sunday on Da Porch is from some one who has survived the Shoal’s decadent 90’s to school the younger generations on a time when hustlers chilled out… for a Sunday on the Porch.”

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  1. klonkoLässtDasFettBrutzeln permalink
    18/12/2009 11:59 am

    schön wie er n scheit nachlegt um die gute alte schule des country raps auflodern zu lassen nachdem der rest wegstirbt. ich liebe diese bluesy guitar riffs.

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